New job!!

A few weeks ago I had written a blog post about how I was feeling and things. It was a very different blog post to what I would usually write about. (It is deleted now)

In that post, I was talking about working at Primark and how I was getting so fed up, upset and annoyed there all the time. So I did something about it! 

I started searching online for jobs, all kinds of jobs, waitress in cafes, restaurants, sales assistant in other retail stores, receptionist in hotels, travel agent etc. I then started looking at apprenticeships. From what I’d heard about them, they are really good but the money not so good. But I didn’t worry too much about that. 

I applied for a apprenticeship and had emails to and from a company that deals with apprenticeships. So one day I had a phone call asking if I could go for an interview – it was booked for Wednesday 29th. 

Bearing in mind I worked a 4 hour shift, I then got changed and on my lunch break I went for my interview. The managers were so lovely and easy to get on with during my interview. I then got told there and then that I got the job!! Afterwards, I went back to Primark for another 4 hour shift with a huge smile on my face!

The next day, I handed my notice into a manager at Primark – a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. It was the best feeling!

I left Primark on Thursday 6th April, ready to start my new job Monday 10th. On my last day, I didn’t have any managers or supervisors say anything to me.. Not one “good luck” or “thanks for your help”. And that just proved to me that I wasn’t appreciated enough there. 

So, I haven’t actually said what my new job is yet.. But I’m a Receptionist Apprentice at a local doctors surgery!!

 I started on Monday 10th and was there for 3 days during my first week. All I was doing for those three days was sitting with other receptionists, seeing what they do and how they do things, listening in to angry patients on the telephone at 8am – haha! 

I am so excited to be working there, as a receptionist job is what I’ve wanted to do since I left college. 

New job = happier, smiley me! 


we went to cambridge

Hey guys, so I know I’ve been really slack with my blog lately; I haven’t been feeling great (maybe a blog post to follow) but anyway..
Last weekend, Antony and I were in Cambridge. We left our little city of Norwich on Friday evening and arrived in Cambridge at 9pm. We were met by my pal Ellie.

Ellie‘s been living in Cambridge for 2 years now while she is at Uni there. So we stayed at her shared home. When we got there we met one of her housemates, Manj! We spent the evening watching Celebs Go Dating and eating pizza! (Which suited me and A just right)

On Saturday the 3 of us got up and ready to go into the centre. We had planned to go punting but the weather was not very nice so we didn’t do that 😦 Ellie had booked us a table at a famous pub for lunch, “the eagle”. It was so nice (and busy) 

After lunch we did lots of shopping, walked around the market, saw Kings College and walked around Anglian Ruskin Uni then headed back to Ellie’s.

Ellie and Manj had a party to go to on Saturday night.. So Antony and I ordered a dominoes and spent the evening catching up on Hollyoaks. While we did that, we were saying how we are the most boring teenagers – basically an old married couple 😂 But it was so nice to actually spend time with Antony, just us two, as we hadn’t seen each other all week.

I didn’t expect us to be doing much on the Sunday because of Ellie going to this party the night before, and I was right. She was feeling too hungover, so we just chilled and got our things packed for us to get the train back at 4pm.

It was a quick but really nice weekend away and we will definitely be going back (if Ellie lets us) to go punting in the summer!


our 2nd valentines<3

The last 2 years when I’ve actually had a boyfriend to spend valentines with, I haven’t been able to because I’ve been working..

This valentines I worked a 9-7 shift. Antony met me from work and we walked to Prezzo which is on our way home to go and collect our food I had ordered. We had a Pane Con Cipolla which is basically a pizza bread with caramelised onions. It is soooo good!

Once we picked that up we got home. My mum had put her red roses on the kitchen table that my dad had bought her and she had a candle lit in the middle too. Antony went upstairs to change out of his work clothes then when he came down he had a huge box of flowers for me!

A bunch of roses and lillies! My absolute favourite flowers!

Once we had finished our Pane Con Cipolla, we had chicken goujons and noodles – so romantic haha!

We went upstairs after dinner and there was a plate of heart shaped biscuits, marshmellows and strawberries next to the bed with a single red rose in a vase. It was so sweet!

I truly am so lucky to have Antony!! Such a lovely evening after a long day at work. 


Primark in Colchester


So i’m going to tell you guys about one of my exciting/interesting day I had last week.

If you don’t already know I work for a huge company called Primark (or ‘Primarni’ as some people like to call it).

At work the week before last, we were told that some of us could have the chance to work in Colchester’s Primark for the day. So something that I wouldn’t usually do, I put my name forward to do it! I was really unsure whether to or not and felt really nervous whenever I thought about it.

On Thursday (09-02-17) I got up at 5:45 and got ready for my day. I left my house a little before 7:30 to get to the train station which is a 10 minute walk from my house to catch the 8:00 train to Colchester. There was a group of 10 of us from Primark who were going.

We arrived in Colchester a little after 9:00 and got a taxi from the train station to the high street where the Primark store was. I was in a taxi with Chloe, Morgane and Sylvia.. We had the funniest taxi driver ever; She was a local Essex woman. On our 10 minute journey, she was telling us different facts about Colchester and telling us where’s good to go for food and drink and things.

We arrived at Primark and one of the managers gave us a tour of what floor things were on, how we get to the staff locker rooms and canteen etc. After that we went to the main doors, where there were speeches happening. (I forgot to mention, it was the day of the GRAND OPENING!!!)

After the speeches, the doors were open to the hundreds of customers that were waiting outside. It was so good! There was local press there taking photos and writing articles.



Once customers had come through the doors, we all had to get to our sections we’d been allocated. I was on cash desks and so were most of the staff that had come from Norwich. It was so much fun working there because everyone was super excited that the store had opened (as locals had to travel about an hour to get to a Primark store).

We worked from 10:00 – 18:00, so when we finished our shift we got a taxi to the train station and got our train at 18:45, arriving in Norwich at 20:00.


That’s it for my exciting day, hope you enjoyed reading it.




In April 2016, I did a nail technician course. It was a 5 day intensive course, learning how to do manicures, pedicures, gel nails, gel extensions and acrylics.

Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve loved doing nails. I used to sit in my bed every night painting mine, taking it off the next day and doing a different colour the next night.

I’ve always been interested in doing nails so I was really pleased when I could do this course. So when I had finished my course, I received my certificates and I started doing my friends and families nails.

I decided that I would only do manicures, pedicures and gel nails though. Acrylics and gel extensions cost too much for me and smell too much to do in a small room.

So it was going well, I had a few people that would come every 2 weeks or so, a few people that only came for the freebies but yano, it’s still experience for me and I love doing them so I didn’t mind too much. But the lead up to Christmas last year, I had at least one person coming to me every day to have their nails done by me, ready for Christmas.

But since then, I haven’t been feeling that good in and about myself. I lost interest completely in doing nails. I would look at people’s social medias (some my age) who were really good at doing nails and it just made me think that I wasn’t good enough to do it. And I also found it very difficult to get people to know about me.
While I wasn’t feeling too good about things, my parents said that we could decorate the spare bedroom so I could have somewhere proper to do people’s nails.

Now this is my nail room!! I am so so pleased with it and it’s made me feel so much better about doing nails again.

I’m hoping this year I will be able to practice more so then I can eventually go into a beauticians and get a job as a nail technician.


In December, me and Sophie flew from Stansted – Edinburgh (a 45 minute flight) to visit our Spanish friends Marta and Isabel who were in Scotland for a week. We flew on Friday and spent the weekend there, leaving Sunday afternoon.


When we arrived in Edinburgh we spent a little time outside the airport (being tourists) taking photos with the “Edinburgh” sign. We then got a tram to Haymarket where we were meeting Marta and Isabel to get to our hostel. Our hostel wasn’t exactly like the photos we saw online but it was still alright as we were only sleeping there. We were in a 12 bed dorm, me and Sophie, Marta, Isabel, Jade, Vanessa and Joaquina and people we didn’t know.

When we got there we put our things in our room then went out. We headed towards Edinburgh Christmas Market along Princes Street. It was so busy there, but so lovely! They had hundreds of different stalls, selling food, drink, gifts, etc. There were also some fairground rides too, so we all went on one which was good!

(Photo below of the christmas tree maze)

edd eddd

After being at the Christmas Market, Marta Isabel Sophie and I went for dinner at Ask Italian. We then met the others at a Piano Bar called “The Rat Pack”, it was such a chilled place, it was nice. We then headed back to the hostel about midnight.

On Saturday, we got up early-ish and got ready to go for breakfast. There was a Pret a manger just down the road from the hostel so we went there. We did a lot of walking on the saturday, we started with going to the Edinburgh Castle and walking around to “The Elephant House” which is famous for having J K Rowling there writing some of the Harry Potter book. We had a look around pretty much all of Edinburgh city and did some shopping too. Sophie and I went back to the hostel around 7pm to take our shopping back and to get changed ready for ice skating.

Wow, ice skating was so much fun!! I loved it. They had made it so nice too, so you could skate around a bar which was in the middle and under a bridge to get there. All of us were nervous about skating but once we got the hang of it we were all fine and skating without holding onto the side haha! At the end we went for a drink in the bar and then headed to the hostel.

Sunday morning, we got ready and packed our things. We went to get some breakfast from Greggs and then chilled before we then had to get the tram to the airport.

 Jade and Joaquina were flying from Glasgow back to Spain, but Marta Isabel and Vanessa were flying from Edinburgh so Sophie and I were able to spend a bit of time with them before getting our flight home. We had a drink with them in the airport and then caught our flight back to Stansted.

It was so lovely seeing them again, as we hadn’t seen Marta since August when she visited England and hadn’t seen Isabel since we were in Lubrin in 2015.


More to come on previous travels and plans guys!!