previous travels…

Hi guys!

To start off, I want to talk about my previous travels (though it’s not travels like you think, it’s just family holidays and stuff) but anyway.

So as a child, growing up I was so lucky to have parents that were able to take us on family holidays. We have been to so many different places that I will write a little about, such as:

  • America
  • Australia
  • Cyprus
  • Spain
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates

When we went to America, we visited Disneyworld, Universal Studios, Epcot, Magic Kingdom and SeaWorld. I was very young when we went to America, so I can’t actually remember much of it; so when I’m older and have children of my own I will definitely go back.

Wow, so Australia is as amazing as everyone says it is. I will be doing a separate blog post on Australia, so won’t write too much here now. But if you haven’t been, you 100% should go!! Me and my family went to Melbourne and Sydney and I hope that one day I will go back and see more of Australia.

Cyprus – Me and my family have been to Cyprus twice. One time we stayed in a hotel called “Mediterranean Beach Hotel” and the second time we stayed in a hotel just next door called “Four Seasons” which are in Limassol. Again, I can’t really remember much of Cyprus as I was only young. But I remember us being there for my dad’s 40th birthday in October 2003, my mum and I decorated the bedroom up with banners and balloons. Another thing I remember about Cyprus was going to a restaurant with my family one evening and we got a drink called “Shirley Temple”, it was the first time we’d ever heard of it, let alone drink it.. but it was sooo good!

Spain – I’ve called it Spain but the places i’ve been to are actually in the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. My family and I went to Palma de Mallorca, Tenerife and Gran Canaria. Again, I was young when going to these places, but can only really remember Mallorca; my brother was working out there for the easter and summer (he gets around a lot) and we went to stay at the hotel with him in the easter.

I have so much to say about Turkey, but I’ll try not to bore you all with it too much on this post as again, i’ll do a separate one about it. I loved Turkey so much, my family and family friends of ours owned a villa so obviously most of our family holidays were there.. But I loved it!!

Ok so United Arab Emirates – Dubai to be exact. An amazing place, with beautiful buildings! My family and I went to Dubai to see family who were living over there. We were so lucky to have that chance because I am so happy to say that I went there AND had afternoon tea in the Burj Al Arab (a 7* hotel)!!! To be honest now though, it isn’t a place I would hurry back to.



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