Following on from my second post, I said I’d do a separate one about Turkey.

So 2007, my parents and friends of theirs went to Turkey for a holiday. They found out that there were some villas being built just on the outskirts of the city they were in.. They ended up buying one in August of that year.

Before they had bought it, our two families went on holiday so we could see the villas being built. We stayed in Hotel Fantasia, in Kusadasi. It was such a nice, all inclusive hotel, the entertainment people were so funny and we got on well with all of them.

So when my parents and their friends bought the villa, that’s then when we spent most of our family holidays there. Our villa was so nice, very big too! We could sleep 10-12 people easily. While we had the villa we went there about 9 times. It was on a complex of 20 odd villas, we were the first ones to buy on our complex so for our first few holidays we had the pool to ourselves which was nice. We had so many of our own family holidays, then we’d have our family friends join us, both of my grandparents came out with us separately and my uncle aunt and cousins.


^ this was our complex, our villa is the left hand side of the middle one.

Over the years we got to know people on the complex. Our next door neighbours were a Turkish family (Gungor & Deniz), who spoke very little English to begin with but over the years they were teaching us Turkish, we were teaching them English and it was so great! And we had an Irish family opposite us who we got on well with.


a photo from left to right (Baris the son, Ollie, Gungor, my dad, the grandfather, Deniz, me and my mum)

Where our villa was, we had a 5 minute walk to the beach. It was beautiful! Along the beach there was a pathway, to the left would take us to a little village called Guzel Çamli and to the right would take us to the city Kusadasi. So obviously while we were there we did these walks many times.

In Guzel Çamli we were recommended to a restaurant called “Agora”. We went there and we loved it so every year we would return there and the owners would always remember us. Ebor (the owner) would often pick us up in a jeep from our villa and take us to the restaurant.

Sadly though, we had to sell the villa. It was costing too much for our families to keep it going when really it was only being used 2/3 times a year.

I really do miss our villa and going to Turkey, because I knew exactly where we were going to, what we were expecting and we knew the area around us (and for me at a young age, that was comforting). And when we would go into the city and visit the markets, I loved seeing their culture and how they lived out there. I would love to go back in say 10 years time and see what it is like over there and if it’s changed much.




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