murcia & lubrín

September 2015, me and my friend Sophie went to Spain. We flew from London to Murcia and stayed in a hotel on the beach front for one night. It was a basic hotel but in a perfect location.

The next day we got a bus to get to Lubrín which took us an hour and a half. We were going to Lubrín to visit Sophie‘s family friends who had moved from England to Spain. We got to their house which is just outside the village, it was surrounded by mountains but it was so lovely because there were no neighbours right next door and it was so peaceful.

The Brigg’s” are a family of four, mum dad and two young boys. While we were staying at “The Brigg’s House”, the boys were at school during the day so the mum took Sophie and me to Almeria to go shopping, then at the weekend they took us to a beach near them which was so beautiful, and then me and Sophie spent a lot of time going into the village to meet with friends we had made, Marta, Isabel and Andrea, who we are still friends with and met up with since.

We had such a lovely time staying in Lubrín, making new friends and visiting “The Brigg’s” but 2 days before our flight home we went back to the Hotel Neptuno from the first night and stayed there. On our last day we were on the beach all day relaxing after doing quite a bit in Lubrin. We both got quite sunburnt that day haha.

On our last night, we walked along the seafront for ages, not knowing where we were going but we reached like a square where there were lots of shops, restaurants and so many people. We found a nice restaurant to have our last dinner at which was lovely. 🙂

More to come guys..



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