our first holiday<3

Back in September 2015 when Antony and I were “talking”, we always said that our first holiday together would be to Lanzarote.

So when we started looking at holidays in May, we knew we would just have to look for a hotel. Our hotel was called “Bellevue Aquarius Apartments”.

We flew on 28th September 2016 for a week, from Stansted airport to Lanzarote. We got a bus from the airport to Puerto del Carmen. It look about half an hour and we paid 2euro something!! When we arrived at our hotel, we checked in but we had to wait for our room to be ready so we went for a walk. We walked about 2 minutes down a hill and there were restaurants with views of the sea, so we found a nice restaurant to have lunch at then we walked towards the beach.


We got back to our hotel, which was basic but it was fine for what we needed. We had a bedroom with a big bathroom, lounge/kitchen area and a balcony. It was nice (apart from the bright yellow and blue bedding). The food at the hotel was good too, it was a buffet thing so we chose what we wanted. It was mainly meat, chips and a few vegetables.

While we were in Lanzarote, we did a lot of relaxing by the pool, which we both wanted/needed. I read a book in like 3 days (which for me is impressive, i never read at home).  On one day, we planned to go into Puerto del Carmen, so we got up early, went for breakfast and started walking. It wasn’t that far, took us about 20 minutes to walk to the main road by the beach. It was so lovely there! We walked past clothes shops, shoe shops, jewellers, etc then we got to the main road which was filled with restaurants and gift shops. It was so nice!

After walking for a while, we stopped at a restaurant for lunch. We then carried on walking and stopped at another restaurant to have a San Miguel. While walking back along the opposite pavement we noticed a mini golf. So of course we had a go which was so much fun! Obviously Antony won though didn’t he?!


Pretty much every evening, either before or after dinner we would play cards.. I taught Antony how to play “Go Fish” and “Sevens”. We both got quite competitive and always wanted to win haha.

For the rest of our holiday we relaxed more. We went to Puerto del Carmen another time and then on our last day we went down to the beach that we saw on our first day. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t so good; but it didn’t stop us from going in the sea although it was very very cold!!

(This is the view of the apartments from the pool. Ours was to the left)


On our last evening, we went out for dinner to the restaurant next door to the one we went to on our first day. That was very nice there. We went all out and had a 3 course meal with drinks. We shared chicken wings for starters, I had chicken skewers and chips for main, Antony had a chicken melt thing then for dessert I had a baileys ice cream thing and Antony had a chocolate brownie. The waiter we had was a jokey kinda person, so when he bought out our desserts, mine had a sparkler thing.. He started singing Happy Birthday to me and other people in the restaurant joined in too. I was so embarrassed! He knew full well it wasn’t my birthday! By the end of our meal we were so full and ready for bed!

The next day we were leaving, so we packed our things the night before. We had an early breakfast then caught the bus to the airport. We had to spend a lot of time waiting in the airport as you do, so we played cards again so it wasn’t too bad.

I had the best first holiday with my amazing boyfriend and I can’t wait for more travels with him.  (If you’re reading this Antony, I love you!)




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