In April 2016, I did a nail technician course. It was a 5 day intensive course, learning how to do manicures, pedicures, gel nails, gel extensions and acrylics.

Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve loved doing nails. I used to sit in my bed every night painting mine, taking it off the next day and doing a different colour the next night.

I’ve always been interested in doing nails so I was really pleased when I could do this course. So when I had finished my course, I received my certificates and I started doing my friends and families nails.

I decided that I would only do manicures, pedicures and gel nails though. Acrylics and gel extensions cost too much for me and smell too much to do in a small room.

So it was going well, I had a few people that would come every 2 weeks or so, a few people that only came for the freebies but yano, it’s still experience for me and I love doing them so I didn’t mind too much. But the lead up to Christmas last year, I had at least one person coming to me every day to have their nails done by me, ready for Christmas.

But since then, I haven’t been feeling that good in and about myself. I lost interest completely in doing nails. I would look at people’s social medias (some my age) who were really good at doing nails and it just made me think that I wasn’t good enough to do it. And I also found it very difficult to get people to know about me.
While I wasn’t feeling too good about things, my parents said that we could decorate the spare bedroom so I could have somewhere proper to do people’s nails.

Now this is my nail room!! I am so so pleased with it and it’s made me feel so much better about doing nails again.

I’m hoping this year I will be able to practice more so then I can eventually go into a beauticians and get a job as a nail technician.


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