we went to cambridge

Hey guys, so I know I’ve been really slack with my blog lately; I haven’t been feeling great (maybe a blog post to follow) but anyway..
Last weekend, Antony and I were in Cambridge. We left our little city of Norwich on Friday evening and arrived in Cambridge at 9pm. We were met by my pal Ellie.

Ellie‘s been living in Cambridge for 2 years now while she is at Uni there. So we stayed at her shared home. When we got there we met one of her housemates, Manj! We spent the evening watching Celebs Go Dating and eating pizza! (Which suited me and A just right)

On Saturday the 3 of us got up and ready to go into the centre. We had planned to go punting but the weather was not very nice so we didn’t do that 😦 Ellie had booked us a table at a famous pub for lunch, “the eagle”. It was so nice (and busy) 

After lunch we did lots of shopping, walked around the market, saw Kings College and walked around Anglian Ruskin Uni then headed back to Ellie’s.

Ellie and Manj had a party to go to on Saturday night.. So Antony and I ordered a dominoes and spent the evening catching up on Hollyoaks. While we did that, we were saying how we are the most boring teenagers – basically an old married couple 😂 But it was so nice to actually spend time with Antony, just us two, as we hadn’t seen each other all week.

I didn’t expect us to be doing much on the Sunday because of Ellie going to this party the night before, and I was right. She was feeling too hungover, so we just chilled and got our things packed for us to get the train back at 4pm.

It was a quick but really nice weekend away and we will definitely be going back (if Ellie lets us) to go punting in the summer!



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