New job!!

A few weeks ago I had written a blog post about how I was feeling and things. It was a very different blog post to what I would usually write about. (It is deleted now)

In that post, I was talking about working at Primark and how I was getting so fed up, upset and annoyed there all the time. So I did something about it! 

I started searching online for jobs, all kinds of jobs, waitress in cafes, restaurants, sales assistant in other retail stores, receptionist in hotels, travel agent etc. I then started looking at apprenticeships. From what I’d heard about them, they are really good but the money not so good. But I didn’t worry too much about that. 

I applied for a apprenticeship and had emails to and from a company that deals with apprenticeships. So one day I had a phone call asking if I could go for an interview – it was booked for Wednesday 29th. 

Bearing in mind I worked a 4 hour shift, I then got changed and on my lunch break I went for my interview. The managers were so lovely and easy to get on with during my interview. I then got told there and then that I got the job!! Afterwards, I went back to Primark for another 4 hour shift with a huge smile on my face!

The next day, I handed my notice into a manager at Primark – a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. It was the best feeling!

I left Primark on Thursday 6th April, ready to start my new job Monday 10th. On my last day, I didn’t have any managers or supervisors say anything to me.. Not one “good luck” or “thanks for your help”. And that just proved to me that I wasn’t appreciated enough there. 

So, I haven’t actually said what my new job is yet.. But I’m a Receptionist Apprentice at a local doctors surgery!!

 I started on Monday 10th and was there for 3 days during my first week. All I was doing for those three days was sitting with other receptionists, seeing what they do and how they do things, listening in to angry patients on the telephone at 8am – haha! 

I am so excited to be working there, as a receptionist job is what I’ve wanted to do since I left college. 

New job = happier, smiley me! 



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