our first holiday<3

Back in September 2015 when Antony and I were “talking”, we always said that our first holiday together would be to Lanzarote.

So when we started looking at holidays in May, we knew we would just have to look for a hotel. Our hotel was called “Bellevue Aquarius Apartments”.

We flew on 28th September 2016 for a week, from Stansted airport to Lanzarote. We got a bus from the airport to Puerto del Carmen. It look about half an hour and we paid 2euro something!! When we arrived at our hotel, we checked in but we had to wait for our room to be ready so we went for a walk. We walked about 2 minutes down a hill and there were restaurants with views of the sea, so we found a nice restaurant to have lunch at then we walked towards the beach.


We got back to our hotel, which was basic but it was fine for what we needed. We had a bedroom with a big bathroom, lounge/kitchen area and a balcony. It was nice (apart from the bright yellow and blue bedding). The food at the hotel was good too, it was a buffet thing so we chose what we wanted. It was mainly meat, chips and a few vegetables.

While we were in Lanzarote, we did a lot of relaxing by the pool, which we both wanted/needed. I read a book in like 3 days (which for me is impressive, i never read at home).  On one day, we planned to go into Puerto del Carmen, so we got up early, went for breakfast and started walking. It wasn’t that far, took us about 20 minutes to walk to the main road by the beach. It was so lovely there! We walked past clothes shops, shoe shops, jewellers, etc then we got to the main road which was filled with restaurants and gift shops. It was so nice!

After walking for a while, we stopped at a restaurant for lunch. We then carried on walking and stopped at another restaurant to have a San Miguel. While walking back along the opposite pavement we noticed a mini golf. So of course we had a go which was so much fun! Obviously Antony won though didn’t he?!


Pretty much every evening, either before or after dinner we would play cards.. I taught Antony how to play “Go Fish” and “Sevens”. We both got quite competitive and always wanted to win haha.

For the rest of our holiday we relaxed more. We went to Puerto del Carmen another time and then on our last day we went down to the beach that we saw on our first day. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t so good; but it didn’t stop us from going in the sea although it was very very cold!!

(This is the view of the apartments from the pool. Ours was to the left)


On our last evening, we went out for dinner to the restaurant next door to the one we went to on our first day. That was very nice there. We went all out and had a 3 course meal with drinks. We shared chicken wings for starters, I had chicken skewers and chips for main, Antony had a chicken melt thing then for dessert I had a baileys ice cream thing and Antony had a chocolate brownie. The waiter we had was a jokey kinda person, so when he bought out our desserts, mine had a sparkler thing.. He started singing Happy Birthday to me and other people in the restaurant joined in too. I was so embarrassed! He knew full well it wasn’t my birthday! By the end of our meal we were so full and ready for bed!

The next day we were leaving, so we packed our things the night before. We had an early breakfast then caught the bus to the airport. We had to spend a lot of time waiting in the airport as you do, so we played cards again so it wasn’t too bad.

I had the best first holiday with my amazing boyfriend and I can’t wait for more travels with him.  (If you’re reading this Antony, I love you!)



murcia & lubrín

September 2015, me and my friend Sophie went to Spain. We flew from London to Murcia and stayed in a hotel on the beach front for one night. It was a basic hotel but in a perfect location.

The next day we got a bus to get to Lubrín which took us an hour and a half. We were going to Lubrín to visit Sophie‘s family friends who had moved from England to Spain. We got to their house which is just outside the village, it was surrounded by mountains but it was so lovely because there were no neighbours right next door and it was so peaceful.

The Brigg’s” are a family of four, mum dad and two young boys. While we were staying at “The Brigg’s House”, the boys were at school during the day so the mum took Sophie and me to Almeria to go shopping, then at the weekend they took us to a beach near them which was so beautiful, and then me and Sophie spent a lot of time going into the village to meet with friends we had made, Marta, Isabel and Andrea, who we are still friends with and met up with since.

We had such a lovely time staying in Lubrín, making new friends and visiting “The Brigg’s” but 2 days before our flight home we went back to the Hotel Neptuno from the first night and stayed there. On our last day we were on the beach all day relaxing after doing quite a bit in Lubrin. We both got quite sunburnt that day haha.

On our last night, we walked along the seafront for ages, not knowing where we were going but we reached like a square where there were lots of shops, restaurants and so many people. We found a nice restaurant to have our last dinner at which was lovely. 🙂

More to come guys..



As I mentioned on my second post “Previous Travels“, me and my family went to Australia. The reason we went was to visit my brother Ell who was living out there after getting offered a job whilst travelling.

In December 2013, my mum dad Ollie and I flew from Heathrow Airport to Melbourne. Three lots of 7 hour flights, stopping at Brunei in between.

When we arrived in Melbourne, we met up with Ell and he showed us around so we could get to know our surrounding areas in the first couple of days. On the 21st the 5 of us had Ell‘s friends car and went along the Great Ocean Road for 2 days.

When returning to Melbourne, we stayed at Ell‘s friends house while they were away. Their house was so nice and they had decorated it all up for us to spend our Christmas there. It was so strange to be spending Christmas in the sun and swimming in the pool out in the backgarden but of course we still had our traditional Christmas dinner with turkey, pigs in blankets and all the trimmings!
There are so many things to do and see in Melbourne, for example we saw Federation Square, Flinders Street Station and the boys went to the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) on Boxing Day while mum and I went shopping and went up the Eureka Skydeck (88 floors high!!)  (Photo below of the view)

On the 29th we flew from Melbourne to Sydney for New Years. In Sydney you of course have to go see the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge and go along to Darling Harbour. We also went to a zoo and I absolutely loved it. saw the elephants, giraffes, zebras etc.

Again, there’s so much you can do and see in Sydney too like going to Bondi and Manly beaches, going up Sydney Tower. But if you’re ever in Australia over New Years, Sydney is a must!! The fireworks when it struck midnight on January 1st are absolutely amazing! My family and I spent the day (like most other people) by the Opera House and had a picnic, got our seats ready for the countdown in the evening. The atmosphere is so great too!

After our time in Sydney we went back to Melbourne and spent a few days there (to celebrate Ollie‘s birthday) before mum and I then flew back to London. My dad and Ollie were staying out there for another 4 weeks to do a bit of travelling around Australia and went to New Zealand (which I will do one day)

Mum and I had the same flight home, three lots of 7 hour flights and then when we got to Heathrow we then had to get a 6 hour journey coach from there to our home city. Leaving dad and my brothers was quite emotional as it was the longest time we’d ever spent apart from them so there were a few tears when leaving Melbourne.



Following on from my second post, I said I’d do a separate one about Turkey.

So 2007, my parents and friends of theirs went to Turkey for a holiday. They found out that there were some villas being built just on the outskirts of the city they were in.. They ended up buying one in August of that year.

Before they had bought it, our two families went on holiday so we could see the villas being built. We stayed in Hotel Fantasia, in Kusadasi. It was such a nice, all inclusive hotel, the entertainment people were so funny and we got on well with all of them.

So when my parents and their friends bought the villa, that’s then when we spent most of our family holidays there. Our villa was so nice, very big too! We could sleep 10-12 people easily. While we had the villa we went there about 9 times. It was on a complex of 20 odd villas, we were the first ones to buy on our complex so for our first few holidays we had the pool to ourselves which was nice. We had so many of our own family holidays, then we’d have our family friends join us, both of my grandparents came out with us separately and my uncle aunt and cousins.


^ this was our complex, our villa is the left hand side of the middle one.

Over the years we got to know people on the complex. Our next door neighbours were a Turkish family (Gungor & Deniz), who spoke very little English to begin with but over the years they were teaching us Turkish, we were teaching them English and it was so great! And we had an Irish family opposite us who we got on well with.


a photo from left to right (Baris the son, Ollie, Gungor, my dad, the grandfather, Deniz, me and my mum)

Where our villa was, we had a 5 minute walk to the beach. It was beautiful! Along the beach there was a pathway, to the left would take us to a little village called Guzel Çamli and to the right would take us to the city Kusadasi. So obviously while we were there we did these walks many times.

In Guzel Çamli we were recommended to a restaurant called “Agora”. We went there and we loved it so every year we would return there and the owners would always remember us. Ebor (the owner) would often pick us up in a jeep from our villa and take us to the restaurant.

Sadly though, we had to sell the villa. It was costing too much for our families to keep it going when really it was only being used 2/3 times a year.

I really do miss our villa and going to Turkey, because I knew exactly where we were going to, what we were expecting and we knew the area around us (and for me at a young age, that was comforting). And when we would go into the city and visit the markets, I loved seeing their culture and how they lived out there. I would love to go back in say 10 years time and see what it is like over there and if it’s changed much.



previous travels…

Hi guys!

To start off, I want to talk about my previous travels (though it’s not travels like you think, it’s just family holidays and stuff) but anyway.

So as a child, growing up I was so lucky to have parents that were able to take us on family holidays. We have been to so many different places that I will write a little about, such as:

  • America
  • Australia
  • Cyprus
  • Spain
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates

When we went to America, we visited Disneyworld, Universal Studios, Epcot, Magic Kingdom and SeaWorld. I was very young when we went to America, so I can’t actually remember much of it; so when I’m older and have children of my own I will definitely go back.

Wow, so Australia is as amazing as everyone says it is. I will be doing a separate blog post on Australia, so won’t write too much here now. But if you haven’t been, you 100% should go!! Me and my family went to Melbourne and Sydney and I hope that one day I will go back and see more of Australia.

Cyprus – Me and my family have been to Cyprus twice. One time we stayed in a hotel called “Mediterranean Beach Hotel” and the second time we stayed in a hotel just next door called “Four Seasons” which are in Limassol. Again, I can’t really remember much of Cyprus as I was only young. But I remember us being there for my dad’s 40th birthday in October 2003, my mum and I decorated the bedroom up with banners and balloons. Another thing I remember about Cyprus was going to a restaurant with my family one evening and we got a drink called “Shirley Temple”, it was the first time we’d ever heard of it, let alone drink it.. but it was sooo good!

Spain – I’ve called it Spain but the places i’ve been to are actually in the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. My family and I went to Palma de Mallorca, Tenerife and Gran Canaria. Again, I was young when going to these places, but can only really remember Mallorca; my brother was working out there for the easter and summer (he gets around a lot) and we went to stay at the hotel with him in the easter.

I have so much to say about Turkey, but I’ll try not to bore you all with it too much on this post as again, i’ll do a separate one about it. I loved Turkey so much, my family and family friends of ours owned a villa so obviously most of our family holidays were there.. But I loved it!!

Ok so United Arab Emirates – Dubai to be exact. An amazing place, with beautiful buildings! My family and I went to Dubai to see family who were living over there. We were so lucky to have that chance because I am so happy to say that I went there AND had afternoon tea in the Burj Al Arab (a 7* hotel)!!! To be honest now though, it isn’t a place I would hurry back to.


a little about me;

For months/years now I have been contemplating whether to make a blog so I’ve finally decided to make one. I am new to WordPress so I am still trying to get my head around it so please bear with haha.
My blog is mainly going to be about travelling but about my life / feelings / thoughts etc too. Although I haven’t actually got any plans as to where and when I’m going travelling, hopefully having my blog will help me plan.

My first post is going to be a “get to know me”. I am Millie, a 19 year old girl, living in the UK.

I live with my mum, dad and two older brothers (Ollie, 25 and Ell, 23). My brother O (& his girlfriend Ellie) are currently travelling around Australia and New Zealand and my other brother has just come home from Australia.

I have my boyfriend, Antony. He’s amazing! We’ve been together just over 14 months, I know that doesn’t sound very long but you know, i love him. He pretty much lives with me and my family too, during the week and then at weekends we go back to his (which is a 40 minute drive away) and see his mum, dad and brother.

I’m hoping Antony will be travelling with me too at some point so he’ll be a main part of this blog. We have already had our first holiday together which was in September so there will be a post about that at sometime.


When I first left high school, I went to college to study Hotel Reception but when I finished the course, I realised it wasn’t something I wanted to do straight away; so I went back to college for my second year and did Travel and Tourism! I loved it as I was learning about different places but it wasn’t exactly what I was hoping it would be so I didn’t return. I am currently at my second ever job, working in retail, doing monday-friday which isn’t too bad so when I earn enough money, i’m hoping to go travelling.

So yeah, if you want to follow my plans and (previous) travels please give me a follow!